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Foppstar IRIS 45/50 Watt Head

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This is my IRIS 50 watt, EL34 based amp. It features jumpable inputs to blend the Bright and Normal Channels. This allows you to create a dynamic and thick tone by giving you the best of each channel.

The controls on the amp are: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Bright Volume and Normal Volume.

The secret Mojo from this amp comes from its preamp mode selector on the back of the amp. There is a 3-way toggle switch that lets you choose from 3 different preamp modes.

The 3 Preamp Modes are:

1959 - Fender Tweed Bassman

1966 - Marshall JTM 45

1972 - Hiwatt Custom 100

By selecting the mode you want, the amp physically routes the signal to its own preamp circuit to give you the feel, dynamics and tone of the amp selected. The modes are NOT footswitchable. The overall output also changes from mode to mode. '59 mode has the most sag and lowest output, whereas the '72 mode has the most output, tightest low end and very low sag.

The amp also features Tube Rectifier (45 watt) and Solid State Rectifier (50 watt) modes to control the overall sag and tightness of the power amp.

I can install a Master Volume control on the back of the amp as well for an additional $100. This will allow you to crank the preamp gain to its sweet spot, and still be able to play the amp at bedroom levels for late night playing or for whenever you need to turn your volume down, but can't afford to sacrifice your tone.

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