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Foppstar Los Dos MkI- Head *(Discontinued)

$2 000.00
Out of stock
Product Details

My Los Dos amps will be limited to ONLY 40 units worldwide!

The Los Dos is an all tube, 2 watt, 2 channel amp that gives you the best of vintage and modern tones. It is loud enough to take it from bedroom to the stage.

The clean channel is based on my 50 Watt Iris model (Vintage Plexi Inspired). Controls are Volume and Tone, as well as having a bright switch to use as needed. The clean channel will take you from crystal clean to crunchy Vox AC-30/Plexi style gain.

The crunch channel picks right up when the clean channel left off and has plenty of gain if you want it. This Channel will take you through Marshall, Bogner and Friedman territories with ease.

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