Foppstar Royale Preamp *(Discontinued)

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The Foppstar Amps Royale Preamp is my newest pedal and I am very excited to finally be able to share it with everyone! If you've always wanted to own a Foppstar Amp, but never had the chance to order one before they sold out, now is your chance to get your own small taste of that Foppstar Amp tone and mojo at an affordable price for everyone! This pedal was designed to increase your amp's dynamic range, increase gain structure/output, add a richer/thicker/fuller, more 3D type of harmonic content to your tone all with just a single knob. It will help you unlock the hidden potential you never knew your current tube amp had deep inside. As you turn the preamp knob up, the pedal automatically resets the internal preamp bias for maximum dynamics to gain ratio. If you have a crystal clean amp, but wish you could add some grit and dirt when needed, you need this pedal. If you have a mid-gain amp tone, but you would love to have an additional massively thick, searing lead tone with plenty of gain that keeps your core tone intact without boosting your mids and cutting your low end (Like a Tube Screamer or Klon), you need this pedal. If you have a high gain tone, but want to create a thicker tone with increased sustain, you need this pedal. If you have an amp that sounds just "OK" but you know it is missing that special mojo, you need this pedal to breathe life back into your amp, or perhaps for the very first time! Or, if you simply have really long cable runs and your tone is suffering from loss of impedance, you need this pedal to reclaim your tone and make it better.

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