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Los Dos MkII - Custom White 2x10 Combo

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This will be the final batch of the Los Dos MkII amps available from Foppstar Amps. This is a $500 non-refundable deposit to pre-order and guarantee your spot for the Custom Limited Edition Los Dos MkII 2x10 combo amp. Current build times are roughly 4-6 weeks for each order (often much faster) as they are all build by hand, one at a time.

Total price for this custom 2x10 combo version is $2,150, which includes tax and shipping. The remaining $1,650 balance is due when your amp is finished and ready to ship. **(Roughly 4-6 weeks after placing your order).

2x10 Combo Dimensions: 24" (W) x 20.75" (H) x 9" (D)

The Los Dos MkII is the most versatile amp ever offered from Foppstar Amps. This is a 2 watt, 2 channel, custom 2x10 combo. The 2x10 combo version of the Los Dos MkII is the best of the best and the ultimate in portability, versatility and awesome tone.

Loaded with two custom designed Jensen/Foppstar 10" speakers for a crisp high end, focused mids, and an ultra tight low end, this brand new combo design has never sounded better. The Clean Channel is loosely based on a British Plexi style amp, with a bright switch to create bright/normal channels. The Crunch Channel starts in the warm AC30 style breakup tones and takes you all the way into the full high-gain territory of those modded British classics, to the modern saturated, high gain amps and everything in between.

At only 2 watts, this is the perfect studio or home amp, that creates the awesome tones, dynamics and feel of a cranked 100 watt amp without suffering the pain and hearing loss it takes to get those amps at the volumes where they sound best.

The Los Dos MkII was designed from the ground up to produce those "sweet spot" tones right out of the gate.

The MkII version includes a post output transformer line out feature, which allows you to send the entire amp's tone to any external power amp of your choice, or directly into the front end of another amp.

Now you can take the killer tones from the Los Dos MkII and turn it into any wattage amp you want, while choosing any type of power tube you prefer. This makes the Los Dos MkII amps more versatile than ever and now you can take your studio tones to the stage without skipping a beat.

***To safely use the Line Out feature, this amp must use an external speaker load box, which is also available for purchase online.

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