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Los Dos MkII Head - “Midnight Edition”

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Los Dos MkII - Limited Edition, Small Batch Custom Head. This amp is limited to ONLY 50 amps WORLDWIDE.

This brand new “Midnight Edition” has black control panels, white knobs, and a custom black/green woven cloth with metallic silver streaks.

Cabinets sold separately!

*(Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks to build your custom amp. Each amp is hand built and 100% hand wired, one at a time, by myself from the ground up!)

This is the 5th amp design offered from Foppstar Amps, and it is my absolute favorite amp design to date. Packed full of features never before offered and all the killer tone you’ve come to love and expect from my amps. Now you can have a vintage Plexi tone and a Modern High Gain tone in the same amp!

This a 2 channel (foostwitchable), 2 watt amp, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this amp isn’t powerful enough for you. It has many tricks up its sleeves to run with the bigger 50 and 100 watt amps out there!

The Clean Channel is unmistakably vintage Plexi inspired. The JTM45 and JMP amps were the amps that got me started playing guitar. This channel is a nod to the historic British rock-n-roll tones of the 60’s.

The Crunch Channel is without a doubt a modern high gain channel that takes off right where the Plexi channel leaves off. You can dial in those classic Zeppelin tones with the gain on 1 and keep cranking it up to dial in your favorite modern hard rock, and even metal tones. The interactive passive EQ on this channel let’s you sculpt the exact tone you’re looking for. It takes you into the cranked AC30 tone, modified JCM800 tone, and even up into the Bogner®️ Ecstasy and Orange®️ Rockerverb High gain tones that are more popular than ever these days

You get that pushed 100 watt power amp tone and dynamics all at 2 watts. There is no sacrificing tone, regardless what you have the volume on the Los Dos set to.

The MkII also features a post output transformer high impedance line out. This is perfect for going into the front end of any combo amp, or going into any power amp. Giving you the ultimate flexibility to take the entire tone of the Los Dos and sending it into any wattage power amp, and also allows you to further sculpt your tone using any power tubes desire.

This amp is a beast in tone, performance and features never before released from Foppstar Amps.

For those wanting a 240v version of this amp, please message me first. 🤘🏼

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