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Lullaby Compressor/Boost MKII


(Custom Built To Order)

     This pedal started off as a favor to Neale Heywood while I was on tour with Fleetwood Mac. I was commissioned to create a single knob compressor to rival his 35+ year old, home-made optical compressor which he used on stage each night due the fragile nature and antique condition of his pedal. 


     This pedal is a unique blend of Compression and Preamp Boost in the same pedal. With the knob all the way to the left (off) there is no signal passed when the pedal is turned on. As you turn the knob up, compression is greatest at lower settings and as you turn it past 12:00 (noon), the pedal blends in a boost circuit that still allows mild compression. 

     The Lullaby pedal is an effect that you don't realize how much it is improving your tone, until you turn it off. Everything else sounds sterile and flat after using the Lullaby in your signal chain. It makes amps bloom and adds its own special mojo to an already great tone!

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